Repair Machinist

Morgantown, WV

The responsibilities of a hydraulic machinist are to inspect all incoming parts and assessing the usability of the component. Machining fits for the packing in the cylinder, making sure the clearance between the OD’s and ID’s of the cylinder-gland, gland-rod, piston head-rod, and cylinder-piston head combinations are within tolerance. Ensuring the threads of all threaded pieces are appropriate, and the ports are in good shape.

Job Summary

  • Setup work area/machine
  • Inspect and assess the usability of components
  • Machine fits for packing in the cylinder
  • Document all repairs & parts on work card
  • Ensure that paper work stays with the unit through the repair process
  • Quality control on part
  • Move part to assembly
  • Clean up work area


  • Hydraulics: 3 years
  • Repair Machinist: 3 years


Full-time position

Benefits-eligible: medical, dental, vision, matching 401k, paid vacation, etc.

Swanson Industries, Inc. is a global leader in engineered hydraulics, providing hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, remanufacturing, and repair services for the mining and mobile industries. We are poised for continuous growth as we expand our global presence. For more information, visit!

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